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"Let’s Talk HookUp” is Southern California's Sportfishing Voice, covering freshwater and saltwater fishing in Southern California and Baja.

From fly fishing for trophy rainbow trout to saltwater fishing for 400-pound tuna, “Let’s Talk HookUp” is formatted to excite all Southern California anglers. Every show contains reports and special expert guests from various regions. The show features live reports from Baja, call-ins from on-the-water skippers, as well as a private boater report and current news from local landings.

A different expert guest joins host Pete Gray and co-host Rick Maxa on the show each week. Cory Sanden from MC Swimbaits has joined the show as our third co-host and will be there when Pete or Rick are traveling.  Guests include fishing boat owners/skippers, fly fishing guides, tackle experts, resort operators, and top anglers from all over the West. Listeners are able to speak with these experts on the air by calling 833-288-0973.

Show Hosts

Pete Gray (above, left)

“Let’s Talk HookUp” show host and creator Pete Gray has been involved in the fishing and radio industries most of his life. As an avid angler for more than forty years, Pete has enjoyed his “hands-on” experience in fishing. Pete’s involvement in the radio business spans more than three decades with ten years as Sales Manager for KKOS/KCEO radio in Carlsbad/San Diego, California.

Combining his enthusiasm for fishing with his radio expertise, he started “Let’s Talk HookUp” in September 1991, which grew rapidly into a full-time career. “Let’s Talk HookUp” is now the most successful fishing show ever broadcast in Southern California, and continues it’s incredible growth, reaching anglers from Baja to Morro Bay, and world wide on the internet.

Pete continues his passion for fishing as often as possible. He tries to get in some “field research” at least once per week. He also enjoys traveling to exotic destinations, where he often acts as host to listeners of the program. Pete’s favorite fishing- anything that will bite in the ocean and fly fishing for trout in beautiful spots.

'Rock Cod' Rick Maxa (above, right)

“Let’s Talk HookUp” co-host “Rock Cod” Rick Maxa started his fishing career at the age of two when his dad took him fishing. They started out fishing lakes, then moved to bay and inshore fishing. His passion for the sport developed very quickly and his young life seemed to revolve around it.

Rick became a fan of “Let’s Talk HookUp” and when he had to interview an expert in a field of his chosen topic for an 8 th grade English project, he called Pete. This led to Rick getting the opportunity to fill in for the vacationing phone screener and Rick eventually moved into the position full time. During this time Rick was hired by “Fisherman’s Landing Tackle”, where he spent summers and weekends learning all the techniques of the tackle trade. Rick has moved up to be assistant manager of Fishermans Landing Tackle.

Rick’s passion for fishing continues as he pursues every opportunity to fish for anything that swims as he regularly fishes local Southern California lakes, bays, coastal and offshore. Rick now looks forward to every weekend so he can share his knowledge and enthusiasm and continue to learn along with the many fans and friends of “Let’s Talk HookUp."

Guest Host, Corey Sanden

Corey Sanden was born and raised in Southern California fishing the socal lakes and inshore fisheries from Long Beach to Baja.  

Corey worked with the Everingham Bros. Bait Co from the late 1980’s to the early 2000’s catching anchovy and sardine for the San Diego and Mission Bay bait receivers.  Working on the sport fishing fleet helped enhance Corey’s passion and understanding of the ocean and inshore fishery. He also spent 6 years at Seaforth Sportfishing on Mission Bay managing the fleet.

His 20 plus years with MC Swimbaits could not have been possible without the knowledge gained from the last 30 plus years of socal inshore fishing.  Fishing for Corey has been a lifelong passion and love.