Gwynn & Chris On Demand

San Diego sports and broadcasting veterans, *Tony Gwynn, Jr.* and *Chris
Ello* talk San Diego Padres baseball and the sports stories of the day,
Monday through Friday afternoons (when not pre-empted by Padres baseball)
from 3PM to 7PM.
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Oct 14 Gwynn & Chris Full Show

Monday, October 14th
Gwynn & Chris full show Weekend Whip around Aztecs comeback win against Wyoming Week 6 NFL recap NLCS & ALCS preview Stadium details for the AZTECS

Oct 11 Gwynn & Chris Hour 3

Friday, October 11th
Oct 11 Gwynn & Chris Hour 3 Previewed the HS game between Granite Hills and Grossmont Coach’s Lolita’s High School Spotlight The countdown and Grossmont HC...

Oct 11 Gwynn & Chris Hour 4

Friday, October 11th
Oct 11 Gwynn & Chris Hour 4 G&C did there NFL pick em The Backpage Checked in with Coach Kentera & Braden who are calling the game