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Ben & Woods

Mornings, 5AM - 9AM | @BenAndWoods

When Ben met Woods, he said “This is either going to be the best idea ever…or the absolute worst idea ever.”  It turns out…it was the former.  Ben Higgins and Steven Woods, along with producer Paul Reindl, are San Diego radio veterans, with over 40 years, combined, in the market.  Ben and Woods are committed to entertaining and local sports coverage.  Neither enjoys long walks on the beach or really walks of any kind, unless it’s the long walk from the car to Petco Park. 

Ben is a lifelong San Diego sports fan with a 20-year career in radio and TV, including more than 15 years as the Sports Director at KGTV ABC-10. He loves talking about all sports (even the boring ones sometimes) but especially loves baseball, football, basketball, and golf. Please don't ask him to attempt an Australian accent.

Steven Woods is Hannah's husband and Beau's father. He's also a ten-year radio veteran in San Diego, having been on at least 7 stations that he can think of off the top of his head. He doesn't go to the beach much, but he respects the hell out of it.

Best described as "The Odd Couple,"  Ben and Woods bring a unique sound to the San Diego airwaves with an entertaining and informative show.  As a couple of true baseball junkies, Ben and Woods could not be happier to be on the home of the Padres and they look forward to talking to you on your morning commute weekdays from 5-9am.