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Aztecs Look to Win 5th Straight As Air Force Comes to Town

Can Rocky Long win his 8th straight against the Falcons?

October 12, 2018 - 9:50 am

It's Air Force week for the Aztecs, and that means Aztecs Head Coach Rocky Long will always be asked about the triple option, the offense that Rocky Long thinks is the best in football. It's extremely difficult to defend, and Coach Long will never allow himself to think he has it all figured out. Even though he has won seven straight against the Falcons? No. Not even for a second.

In this week's press conference Rocky reminded all us media that the last time they faced this unique offense, it was in a bowl game against Army. And  The word he used to describe what Army did to the Aztecs defense, let’s us know where he is at. Rocky said that Army "annihilated" them last year. And He mentioned it a couple of times. I can assure you, sitting in front of him, he is not for one second allowing his team to look past this game. 

The Aztecs currently hold the 2nd best rushing defense in the country, only allowing 61.8 yards per game. They also hold the 17th best defense in total yards, only giving up 315.4 yards per game. Those are impressive numbers, but they are going to take a slight hit with the Air Force average a whopping 254.8 rushing yards per game. 

These games are quick and methodical because both teams have one goal and one goal only: RUN, RUN, RUN the ball. 

Jeff McBrayer and I previewed the game and also got into a big argument about whether or not this team has a quarterback controversy on their hands!