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Aztecs Head to Boise to Avenge 2017 Loss

Can the Aztecs steal one in Boise like the Broncos did in SD?

October 05, 2018 - 10:35 am

I’m opening this with a very bold and dramatic statement. This is the week that will define the Aztecs season. With a home loss to avenge from last year, this is going to be a really, really entertaining year. The Aztecs are fresh off their bye, rested, and ready to play on some blue turf in Boise, Idaho. Yes, the blue turf a goose actually thought was a pond a few years ago! 

Unfortunately, the Aztecs will be without starting running back Juwan Washington because of a broken collarbone. This is Chase Jasmin’s team now. Well, at least until Juwan Washington gets back from injury. 

I think the biggest issue with Juwan Washington being out is not because he won’t be on the field, but instead the Aztecs offense will not have the familiar 1-2 punch that has led them to many victories. Last year they had the Penny-Washington punch. The year before that they had the Pumphrey-Penny punch, and even before that they had a 1-2 punch. It’s the norm, not the trend for a 1-2 punch.

I went to Coach Rocky Long’s press conference this week and he is always entertaining. Coach Long was asked about who would be the backup running back...and he said, “You’ll know when I know.” Which is code for, I know exactly who I am going to have as the backup and you don’t need to know that information.

Ryan Agnew’s play will be interesting this week because of the lack of a known backup running back. OC Jeff Horton has a hand up in this matchup against the Boise State defense, mainly because they have never seen Ryan Agnew. They know he is quick, but they don’t know how quick he really is until they are trying to chase him down. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Ryan Agnew keeps his job as the starter when Christian Chapman returns from injury if he can hold on to the ball. 

Last year Boise State shot out to a 14-0 lead at SDCCU Stadium, due to a punt return and a Christian Chapman fumble. The Broncos never looked back after that. 

Returning on defense will be defensive tackle Noble Hall, which will make an already tough defense even tougher. In fact the Aztecs defense is so good at stopping the rush this year, they rank 2nd in the country only giving up 64.5 yards per game. Keep in mind, that number includes a very ineffective game from Heisman Hopeful Bryce Love.

I don’t know much, but there is one  thing I know. This will be a very tough, gritty, football game for the Aztecs. And we know that’s exactly how Rocky Long wants it.