Rizzo Slide Called Interference from MLB

Rizzo does it again

May 30, 2018 - 9:38 am

During a division rivalry matchup against the Pittsburgh Pirates, Chicago Cubs star, Anthony Rizzo, made news after an aggressive slide into home plate.

With the bases loaded for the Cubs, the Pirates attempted to turn a double play. After getting the force out at home, Pirates catcher, Elias Diaz, was taken out due to the errant slide from Rizzo. Clint Hurdle, the manager for the Pirates, was infuriated by the actions taken. He challenged the ruling on the field, however to no avail. Hurdle was ejected.

Today, the MLB announced that the slide was in fact illegal.

The rule regarding the safety of catchers at home plate has been a hot topic discussion point among the MLB and its fans for a few years now, originating with the infamous Buster Posey injury. In 2014, the MLB implemented the “Buster Posey rule.” This rule prevents players from being able to make extreme contact with the opposing catcher at home plate.

This is not the first time that Rizzo has been surrounded by controversy for his style of play. Padres’ fans may recall when Rizzo ran into Austin Hedges during a game last year.

It is only a matter of hours until the two teams face off again. A form of retaliation is not out of the question.