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What I Learned This Weekend In Sports

Alabama is better than anyone else, Brady is a GOAT, and I hate Fortnite

Rich Herrera
November 05, 2018 - 12:08 pm

Here is what I learned this weekend ... 

Alabama is better than anyone else in college football. 

Heck, they might have the biggest separation between them and anyone else in any team sport since the Harlem Globetrotters.  They are so good, Bama fans were chanting "We Want Bama" because their scout team probably gives them a better game than anyone does on Saturday.  

Can anyone stop the Tide?  Probably not.  Nick Saban has caused the Tide to rise to another level for a sustained period of time.  Folks, please look around.  He has had such a run in college football right now, we need to start mentioning him in the same breath with John Wooden.  He is on his way to his 7th national championship this season.  He is tied with Bear Bryant for the most college football championships and has more than Woody Hayes, Howard Jones, and Knute Rockne.  Is he on top of the mountain like the Wizard of Westwood?   Not yet, but he can see the summit that Wooden stands upon.  

Tom Brady is awfully good.  In fact, he is the best active player in the league right now. 

I won't call him the GOAT because of the size of the Chowderhead's domes and they might not be able to take any more good news without exploding for joy right now.

Lots of people want to dig down and explain why TB12 and the Pats are so good.  Please don't.  The reason they are so good is they don't get bogged down in their success.  Have you ever seen Belichick after a win?  I have never seen a more joyless fellow in my life.  He doesn't get bogged down in the wins.  For him, it's all about the process of what it takes to win.  Brady has everything a man could dream of, and you know what he doesn't do?  Get caught up in the hype.  He just does his job and works hard while the rest of the world, gets bogged down in the hype around them.  They keep it simple and just keep winning.  It's that simple.

Hello Rams fans.  The jury is still out on your team. 

The Rams had been on a roll until they ran into Drew Brees and the Saints.  

There goes the chance for the perfect season for the Rams.  In reality, they really hadn't faced much competition.  They beat up the 49ers and Raiders, yes they beat a sub .500 Packers team that isnt that bad, and the Chargers in the battle for LA.  Coming up, they will play the Chiefs, play at the Bears and at the Eagles.   Honestly, they only have six tough games on their schedule this year, and most of them are coming up.  They are a good team, but we won't know if they are great until the playoffs.  

Hats off to Philip Rivers for his 200th consecutive start for the Bolts.  

Philip is the man, even if it hurts to say so. 


I picked the tweet from the LA Daily News for a reason.  It's tough for Chargers fans in San Diego to watch the success the team is having right now.  You might want to root against them, but it's hard when you see your guy Philip Rivers do so well, knowing in your heart he is a SAN DIEGO CHARGER no matter what they call the team now.  It's kind of like watching your ex have success after she breaks up with you.  You still care for her even if she broke your heart.  But if you cared as much as you say you did, part of you is happy she is successful, you just don't want to see it.

NFL goes Fortnite like everyone else. 

I am so glad my teenage son thinks Fortnite is lame. I hate Fortnite and hate the dumb floss dance even more.  I wish the NFL felt the same way.  But my wish won't be granted.  

Be prepared for an onslought of Fortnite NFL floss dances heading your way.