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What I learned this weekend

49ers rolled the dice with Reuben Foster, Just Win Baby isn't enough anymore, Fight On USC's Jake Olsen Fight On.

Rich Herrera
November 26, 2018 - 12:34 pm

The 49ers are darned if they did and darned if they didn't release Rueben Foster.  No doubt that Rueben Foster can play in the NFL.  Also, no doubt that John Lynch knew what he was getting himself into by taking him in the first round, knowing that the reason he was available was that no one was willing to put their name on him because of his off the field issues.  When John Lynch traded back into the first round to select him, he was taking a risk.  He knew that if he came through for the Niners, it was a bold shrewd move that would make the team better.  If he didn't work out, he would be thrown under the bus for being a fool to take such a chance on a guy that everyone knew was trouble just waiting to happen.  When the news broke early Sunday morning that Foster had been arrested, the bus was warming up for Lynch.  The move for Foster will cost the team three draft picks,  The first rounder he cost them is gone, plus the two others they wasted on trading up to obtain that late first rounder to get him.  

Any man who lays his hands on a woman is wrong, no matter what.  Walk away, calm down, get out of the situation for everyone's sake involved.  Foster is now a former NFL player and his life is forever changed by this incident.  The 49ers and John Lynch will have this on their record as well, as an organization that brought in a guy they knew was trouble.  No one wins in this one, and everyone is to blame.  Foster knew he was getting a second chance before his career even begun in San Francisco and he got a third chance this season when San Francisco had him on a zero-tolerance policy.  The team knew what they were getting into and took that chance that no one else was willing to take.  Lynch rolled the dice hoping Foster would clean up his act, but he didn't.  A coach once told me "your past performance is indicative of your future actions".   

Should the 49ers have taken him?  Hindsight says no!  The next question is, are there any teams desperate enough to step up and roll the same dice as John Lynch did, and take another chance on Rueben Foster and give him a fourth or fifth or sixth chance?  

It must be depressing to be a Raiders fan right now.  No matter what, when Al Davis ran the team, you knew he was trying his best to win.  The "Just Win Baby" slogan was more than a banner in the stadium, it was his ethos.  Even in the bad times, Raiders fans knew every loss that crushed their soul, hurt Mr. Davis even more.  When they got a Christmas present of silver and black, they had hope even though the team was 3-13.  They knew one day they would wear it when the team was 13-3.  This year, I am not sure even the most die-hard fan can feel that way when they are dying inside.  

I LOVE COLLEGE FOOTBALL!  The LSU-Texas A&M game was one for the ages.  Please, please, please put it on cable TV so I can DVR it and watch it over and over.  Better yet, sell it on Apple TV and I'll buy it.  


The only thing better than that game this weekend, was Jake Olsen taking the field with the Trojans before the Notre Dame game on Senior Day.  This young man's story was inspiring when I first heard about him years ago when Pete Carroll made him part of the Trojan family  He is an inspiration.  Hollywood, do your job and make a movie about him.  Fight On Jake.  Fight On.