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What I Learned This Weekend

San Diego, your worst nightmare might come true in Atlanta at the Super Bowl

Rich Herrera
December 03, 2018 - 10:50 am

What I Learned This Weekend ... 


San Diego football fans must brace themselves for what might be heading their way: NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell handing the Lombardi Trophy to Dean Spanos and the Chargers.  How about that for another punch in the gut?  Hey, it's happened before.  Browns fans had to watch Art Modell hoist the trophy in his new city, and Dean Spanos might get to do the same.  I know Bolts fans are waiting for the snake to bite, but after beating Pittsburgh on the road, you have to begin to believe they have a shot at getting to Atlanta.   



The National Football League needs to draw a clear red line on what it is willing to accept.  The NFL has an image problem that is 100% of their making.  Roger Goodell and the league have tried to manage each crisis as a one-off, treating the issue of player behavior on a case by case basis.  While each man deserves his due process, it has opened the door for the league to manage the PR issues, but not the undercurrent of what is getting them into each situation.  Make it simple Mr. Goodell.  What is your league willing to tolerate?  Is domestic violence enough to run afoul of the league, or do you need a video to be shown on TV to make you react?  Make it clear to everyone what your tolerance policy is across the league, or you are just going to keep the cycle of what is tarnishing the shield and driving fans away.  


As I have learned over the last few weeks, the Dallas Cowboys are now for real.  Sorry Mr. Jones, for doubting you.  


Come on Colts and Jags, what do you think you are doing?  Last week of regular season fantasy football you combine for two lousy field goals.  I had TY Hilton and got beat 151-118.5.  Ouch.