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Lookout baseball the San Diego Padres have a winning record, the refs are humans, and Yasil Puig takes on the world.

What I learned this weekend in sports.

Rich Herrera
April 08, 2019 - 10:51 am

There is an old saying in baseball, "You can't win the pennant in April but you can sure lose it."  The San Diego Padres, like every other team in baseball, face that reality coming out of the gates this season. In the past ten years, the Padres have played sub 500 over the first ten games. It's like starting the race, falling five steps behind, and still trying to win the race. It just makes life harder.  

Year     1st 10 games     Final Season Record 

2019     6-4                    ???

2018     2-8                    66-96

2017     5-5                    71-91

2016     3-7                    77-85

2015     6-4                    74-88

2014     4-6                    77-85

2013     2-8                    76-86

2012     2-8                    76-86

2011     4-6                    71-91

2010     4-6                    90-72

2009     7-3                    75-87

The Padres had their best start in the past ten years in 2009 and finished under 500. They were two games under in 2010, but went on to win 90 games. And they were two games over in 2015 but finished under 500.  

Vegas has the Padres finishing below 500 by 2.5 games. I think they will be in the neighborhood of 500 for the season in an upward trend of what we have seen so far. We will see other teams get scouting reports on the younger players and will have to see how quickly they can make adjustments. Hitters are going to make the younger starters show that they can throw strikes. Younger hotter players will have to show they can hit fastballs and force teams to mix in other stuff to keep them off balanced. Let the games begin, baseball fans. This will be a fun season to watch.

Let me state a fact, humans are not perfect. There is a bit of fallibility to the human race. I think we can all agree on that. So, please help me understand why we expect flawed beings to be perfect when calling games.  

This weekend, a missed call happened in the Final Four. The outrage. The horror! Oh, the humanity of it all! It seems to me, we have become impatient in everything we do - If I can't get wifi on my phone, I almost break down in tears.  If there’s poor cell service away from home, I am close to a panic attack. The cable went out last month at my house and I felt like I was under attack.

Part of the mysticism of sports is the drama of not knowing what will happen next. Will he make the shot, hit the ball, catch the pass?  We sit on our seats waiting to see who will be a hero and who will be a goat.

Everyone makes mistakes, misses a shot, strikes out, or drops a touchdown pass. It is part of the game.  

Refs are part of the game as well. Unfortunately, I think sports fans now hold them accountable for all sorts of shortfalls for their teams. Honestly, has a ref ever single-handedly cost your team a game? You might think so, but ask yourself, did he miss free throws that would have given you a bigger lead? Did he strike out with the bases loaded earlier in the game? Did he throw the interception that turned into the pick-six that put the other team ahead?

Coaches will tell their teams this all the time: don't put the game in the hands of the referees.  

Meaning, if we don't go out and win the game outright, we are letting someone else determine our fate. And that someone is human after all.

One last thing, please help me with something. If everyone hates to see fights in baseball, why is it that they always show them on TV over and over again?  Why did I run to twitter to see Yasil Puig square off against the Pirates? Why did my friends send me text messages, “Did you see what happened with the Reds and the Pirates?”

Can we be honest? No one has ever turned off a game on TV because of a fight. No one has ever stopped going to a game because the benches cleared. Look, no one wants to set a bad example for little leaguers, but be honest. You will watch it over and over again, won't you?  So, you tell me, have you ever met anyone who hates to see fights? I didn't think so