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What I learned This Weekend: It's Hard to be a Raiders Fan

Rich Herrera's Weekly Blog and Recap of the weekend in sports

Rich Herrera
December 10, 2018 - 4:29 pm

What I learned this weekend in sports.  

The Raiders' win made them double-losers on Monday. I know. It’s really hard being a Raiders fan this season. For a fleeting moment, when the clock struck 0:00, the silver and black threw their arms up in joy. Victory over the Steelers, YEAH!  

Then it sunk in - wait, what does this win really mean?

It means that we are 3-10 right now, just like the 49ers and Cardinals. We won today, but the team’s long term future demands losses right now so that we can get the number one draft pick. Good grief. It’s tough to be a Raiders fan.

It's also tough to be the Raiders' GM. Loss number two is in the front office for the silver and black. It is so bad they couldn't wait until the end of the season to can their GM.  

In fact, they gave Reggie McKenzie a choice: finish the season or go right now. Adios amigos, McKenzie bolted. He should have had UHaul on speed dial once Chucky took over. It was a foregone conclusion that Jon Gruden was running the show, and if you didn't know that, you were the only one.  

Gruden is the Iron Czar of the Oakland/Las Vegas Raiders, no question about it. It took a lot to lure Gruden away from the FFCA. To get him away from the Fired Football Coaches of America roster, he needed full control of the Raiders.  He is now "The Boss" just as Al Davis was before him. Get in line Raiders fans, because he is the most powerful man in the Black Hole.

LA Rams defense still wins in the NFL. The high-flying Rams are the sweethearts of the NFL.  Goff, Gurley and a bunch of wins. ESPN can run all the great stories they want about Sean McVay, but the most important person on the Rams is defensive coordinator Wade Phillips.

The Rams can keep pace with everyone in the NFL, but eventually someone will figure out how to stop them, and when that happens, will they be able to stop the other guys? No doubt about it, the Rams offense is good enough to win a Super Bowl, but is their D?

Dallas Cowboys; see last week's blog, I am sorry for doubting you, Mr. Jones.

Hey Sileo,  I told you so. I was just a few weeks too early with my prediction. In the first few weeks of the season, the Pats were scuffling and the Phins looked pretty good, so I popped off at Dan Sileo that I thought maybe Miami was for real and the Pats might be sliding. Well, the Pats slapped them down in week four 38-7. The rematch was this past weekend, and what a play for the Phins to win in walk-off fashion with the Miami Miracle.  

The Saints keep winning under the radar. I don't know why, but I have a funny feeling about them.