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New Clothes For The New School Year

College Football season brings new helmets and uniforms

Rich Herrera
August 30, 2018 - 2:28 pm

I can tell it is the beginning of the college football season when my email box gets filled with offers for the new sideline gear and twitter blows up with posts about new helmets.  There are classic old school uniforms that stand of time and some that are fresh and new every season and some that just don't belong.  


Here is a sneak peak of the new gear for this season 

Miami Hurricanes 

The Canes made headlines last year for the turnover chain, this season they are bringing it back to go with their new special uniform made of recycled netting 


Maryland Terps

Maryland has been the flagship for Under Armour's college football brand and this season they will turn it up a notch in College Park.  


Notre Dame 

The Irish joined the UA family and folks freaked out what would they do the golden Domers.  Some of their gear is traditional 

But they will go all out "Protect This House" when they play ay Yankee Stadium


ASU Sun Devils 


ASU makes the list with great attention to detail, including their tribute to Pat Tillman.  This year they add the state of Arizona flag subtly into their jersey if you look close enough.  



Oregon Ducks 


The Ducks are the OG of uniform swag thanks to Alumni Phil Knight and Nelson Ferris.  This season the tradition continues.  Did you know that they have a coach from the golf team that is in charge of uniforms to make sure the Ducks never take the field wearing the same combo twice?  


Uniwatch had a great post on ESPN.com with many more items.   In their post, they included this tweet from the USC Trojans and their statement on the matter.