What I Learned This Weekend: Clones Know How to Have a Good Time, Why Not Nick Foles, and Your Crystal Ball Sucks!

Rich Herrera's weekly blog and recap of the weekend

Rich Herrera
December 17, 2018 - 4:39 pm

The Clones know how to party. This weekend, Jim Rome came to San Diego for an appearance at Buffalo Wild Wings with 97.3 The Fan and the Clones came in droves.

I had not had the pleasure of hanging with a room full of Clones, but in the immortal words of "Van Smack," it was epic.  

Fabian was there in full effect and many of the OG's from Mission Valley and beyond came on Sunday. It was great.  So many names and voices that you have heard in the jungle for so many years all in one place.  

It's really cool having Rome on our station and being part of the 97.3 The Fan family.

I am rooting for Nick Foles and so should you. Foles is the man.  He is a great teammate and leader for Philly.

He’s the starter, gets replaced and doesn't pout or sulk. He says, “let me know when you need me,” and boom - he steps up and wins the Super Bowl.

This season, he’s back on the bench and says, “let me know when you need me.” Boom. He comes off the bench and beats the Rams.

I don't like anything about Philly except for the cheesesteaks, and even those are obnoxious. Come on Philadelphia, it’s meat and cheese on a piece of bread, add some onions and peppers - boom it's a sandwich. Only Philadelphians would argue provolone versus cheese whiz on a sandwich and make it a blood feud. On the other hand, I’m all in on Nick Foles and his quest to win back-to-back Super Bowls, and you should be too.

Speaking of people to root for, how about Jalen Hurts? He accomplished something big off the field last week. He graduated.   

When Hurts lost his job in the Championship last year, he didn't pout, he didn't transfer, he didn't go on Twitter and whine. He just waited for his chance and stepped up for Alabama.  

I am so happy the University of Alabama folks showed him so much love as he walked across the stage.  

Maybe we should spend less time on social media worrying about nothing and spend more time admiring folks like Foles and Hurts, who show the character we seem to miss these days.  

Speaking of social media, I am sick and tired of two things: mock drafts when the season isn’t even over and new helmet designs.

Most mock draft experts are that, MOCK. They don't know squat. Want to know why I think they’re full of garbage? It’s because if they were as good as they think they are, they would be working for a TEAM. Now I’m seeing projected drafts for 2019 and we haven't even finished 2018.  

What’s worse than that is 2017 redrafts. Unless you have a Delorean and Doc Brown, it’s not happening. It's almost like you are so sure of yourself and your draft expertise that you think you can travel in time because you are so bright.  

Please stop. I am begging you.  

The other thing I am sick of seeing on Facebook is new helmet designs. There are some really good helmets out there - Raiders, Steelers - and some really bad ones - Cardinals and Panthers. But I don't remember asking any graphic designer to redo them.

I didn't ask for them in the NBA, the Avengers, Star Wars, ugly Christmas sweaters or anything else.  So please stop, stop, stop. And while you are at it, don't share it on social media.

Last weekend was a bloodbath for those talking heads that make predictions.The Rams can't be beaten. The Steelers are dead. The Pats can never ever be stopped. Let's face it, everyone's crystal ball sucks except mine. Ask Dan Sileo about my calls last weekend.

Hats off to the San Diego High School Cavers on winning the CIF 5-A State Title. Way to go! Coach Charles Davis and the Cavers had a great season.  


While we are at it, congrats to Lincoln and Orange Glen on making all of us in San Diego proud. 


Congrats to Cathedral Catholic as well. It was really cool seeing local kids getting some love on Sunday Night Football.  

And, of course, congrats to my favorite football player on a great senior season. I am proud of you son!