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College Football Report Card

What I learned this weekend in College Football

Rich Herrera
September 24, 2018 - 10:08 pm

Here is my list of teams that have passed all their classes with flying colors this past weekend and those who need to come to the Dean's office.  


Alabama Crimson Tide needs to create games within the game for themselves.  

How well are things going for Alabama right now?  So well that Nick Saban is asking for the media to stop talking about how well the Tide is playing right now.  Yes that's right, Coach Saban is asking folks to knock this team and give them something to work on.  Some of it makes sense.  He needs to make sure the Tide stays hungry, which is a tough task since they have eaten everyone in college football for lunch. He is also creating a game within the game of college football, because simply being number one in the country isn't enough.  

Army gave it the old college try against the Sooners. 

I might be the only one who watches Navy, Army and Air Force football every Saturday.  Academy football is special because these young men are playing football today and will be defending our country soon after that.  These are the best and brightest amongst us.  Week in and week out they face bigger, faster, and stronger teams and fight until the bitter end.  Often ending up on the short end of the score, they still press on.  This weekend Army went down to Norman, OK and went toe to toe with the Sooners.  Army took them into OT.  The Sooners won, but the Army Black Knights did themselves proud once again.  There are players in that game that will go on to play on Sundays, but there are far more that will go on to do something even greater, like defending our Nation's freedom.  Go Army!

The Cardinal win on the road in Eugene 

The Pac-12 is the power conference that always seems to beat itself up and knock their own out of a chance to play in the College Football Playoff.  This weekend was the perfect setup for it to happen again.  The highly ranked Cardinal on the road for a Saturday night game against a dangerous Ducks team with no losses.  The Cardinal was down and out and on the ropes, but they rallied and were able to pull victory out of the jaws of defeat.  So can Stanford run the table with wins over USC and Oregon and make a run at the National Championship?  Time will tell, time will tell.  

Time to get called into the Dean's office.  

Va Tech is a Turkey.  

Virginia Tech is one of those teams that hangs around long enough to be there in the end when it comes to the Top 25 most of the time.  With two wins so far, they played an afterthought in Old Dominion on Saturday.  What happened to the #13 team in the country?  They got rolled on the road 49-35 giving up 28 points in the fourth quarter.  This was truly an egg laid by the Hokies.  

Nebraska needs some help, and it will take more than Scott Frost.  

How bad are things in Lincoln right now?  Well,  the Huskers brought back one of their own, who did the impossible down in Orlando, taking UCF to heights no one ever thought possible.  So for the Huskers, no problem, let's go get our guy from that Mickey Mouse school and bring him home and boom, we are back.  Well "not so fast my friend', The Huskers are a mess, and Frost won't be able to turn the Fantasyland dreams of Nebraska into wins right away.  The best Cornhuskers fans can hope is that their Tomorrowland is better than the George Clooney attempt a few years ago.