973 The Fan's Rich's Clip of the Day

Lee Corso is what is right about College Football

Rich Herrera
August 17, 2018 - 8:21 am

This was a pretty good weekend in my book.  Although the three college football teams I pull for didn't set the world on fire I was still content.  Why? Because I got to wake up on Saturday morning and watch ESPN's Game Day.  ESPN has been the story lately not for what they cover but how they cover it.  They have been under attack from all sides and seen viewership decline over the last few years.  I admit I really don't watch the channel as much as I did ten years ago.  

There was a time when I would plan my day around what ESPN was airing.  I was glued to my TV for Baseball Tonight and I would even leave my friends at a tavern to run home to see Sports Center if they weren't showing it on TV when we were out. But that was a long time ago.  Today with my iPhone, Twitter, MLB.com, MFL.com MLB Network, NFL Network and ESPN.com I don't need to plan my day around ESPN, I can get information whenever I want, however, I want.  Except for one thing, Coach's Saturday morning picks.  

Admit it you DVR Game Day and if you're busy you will fast forward through everything else just to see what mascot head he will choose.  You will stop what you are doing when it's time for the picks.  Every week they fly in a celebrity to pick the winners each week, and each week the biggest name in they can bring in shrink in stature being seated next to Coach Corso.  He was a guest a long time ago on one of my radio shows and reminded my co-host, Bob Golic, that he tried to recruit him to Indiana by telling him he could wear whatever color shoe he wanted if he came to play for Coach.  Golic committed to Notre Dame, but Coach never stopped reminding him he had a great shoe deal in Bloomington.   

I have bumped into him a few times over the years on the sideline of college football games over the years.  I stood next in College Station one at a Texas A&M game.  The rest of the crew will come out for part of the second and third quarter to get a feel of the game, and then go back and get ready for the halftime show.  Not Coach Corso, he stood on the sideline stalking the game like he did when he was a coach until the producers had to wrangle him away to get ready for the halftime show.  

I know he has been slowed over the last few years but for me, it's not college football Saturday unless I see Coach Corso make his pick.  That is what makes it Game Day.