Sileo's Blog - To Root or NOT Root for the Chargers

San Diego Dilemma

Dan Sileo
December 20, 2018 - 1:19 pm

I have always had a rule in my life: that I will never let anybody control my passions or my loves in life.  I think that is something every person has to deal with on a daily basis, especially at work. 

You know the annoying co-worker who tells you another co-worker is a "tool" and we are supposed to take their thoughts on how they see that person and apply that to our lives?  I actually laugh at that.  See, this is kind of what the NFL, and to some extent what the local San Diego media are doing.  They are trying to shape how you should root for the Chargers. 

As you can tell, I refuse to say LA and I know they are not here in San Diego.  So I choose to call them just the Chargers.  I refuse to allow the NFL or the media to tell me who I can or who I can't root for as a fan.  Look, I get the team was here 55 plus years, and is still in many ways part of our civic pride to this day.  Let it go! 

I love football, but not so much the NFL.  How in the world can I turn my back on a sport that I not only spent almost 30 years playing and the last 24 years covering? 

I have been involved in football for over half a century.  Me not covering the Chargers is stupid to me, and I am rooting for the players and Philip Rivers and OUR fans to see the Chargers win the Super Bowl.  I am! 

Say this happens: Dean Spanos just happens to win a Lombardi Trophy.  Do you really think Dean is going to thank his 15,000 fans that jam Stubhub Center?  NO!  He will know right there on the stage that his true fans are right here in San Diego. 

Ok, all this said.  I hope the Chargers win the Super Bowl and maybe in a glimmer of hope Dean will do the right thing in Atlanta, the site of the Super Bowl, and recognize the San Diego fan base that made his team great.  I will NEVER stop rooting for football.  It’s a part of our life and will always be part of San Diego. 

HOW U DOING!!!  YOUR BOY SILZ                               

Dan Sileo
Miami Hurricane Alum "87"