Sileo's Blog - Is Philip Rivers Having a Heisman Moment?

Dan Sileo
December 12, 2018 - 1:45 pm

What a massive game we have here on "The Fan" on Thursday night...The San Diego Chargers..oops....I did it again.... like every broadcaster in America, I called them the San Diego Chargers instead of the Los Angeles Chargers, will take on the Kansas City Chiefs at one of the toughest places to play in the league, Arrowhead Stadium. It will be quite a moment for the Chargers...a national TV audience, and a chance for the Chargers to show the NFL and the nation that they are not pretenders, but true contenders.  And not only for the AFC West, but for maybe even the #1 seed in the AFC. I am such a fan of Philip Rivers and I get asked the question all the time, "is Rivers a Hall of Famer?"  Here is my honest response: "I don't know."  The reason for that response is just like in Major League Baseball, the 500 home run mark is not as impressive to me today and there has been a new standard set, that the 600 home run mark for a career seems like a tougher number to achieve in baseball these days.  If Blake Bortles can throw for 400 yards, I’m not so sure it’s really that hard of a mark to achieve.  So that leads me back to Philip Rivers.  What really has been his "Heisman moment?”  And if he did have one, it was like a decade and a half ago, and many Hall of Fame voters and fans have forgotten.  This Thursday is his time!  The Chiefs have beaten him 9 straight times, and has owned the AFC West the last 2 seasons.  Rivers has not performed well against this team.  Rivers reminds me so much of Dan Marino in talent, and on how he plays and sees the game.  He’s aggressive, tough and a real thinker, who can also lose his patience at any time during a game and make that one mistake that could cost him a giant game.  Make no mistake, this is a big game for Rivers.  His 2004 draft buddies have carved their place in NFL history with Super Bowl titles.  Big Ben and Eli are on their way to Canton.  If Rivers really wants a moment that everyone will remember, that should be Thursday Night on The Fan, when his Chargers play those Chiefs.  I’m actually rooting for Rivers to mark his place in NFL history Thursday night.  GO GET 'EM PHILIP!