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Sileo's Blog: Magic Johnson and the Lakers

This is not going well.

Dan Sileo
February 07, 2019 - 5:53 pm

First, I want to start this blog by stating that the Lakers’ Magic Johnson is my favorite NBA player of all-time. 

Some of my first impressions as a young wannabe athlete were watching and following Magic grow into the iconic basketball player he became.  Watching him beat Larry Bird in the ‘79 NCAA National Title game was one of my favorite moments in sports.  And for the record, that game is still the highest rated national hoop title game in college basketball history. 

Then, as Magic moved on to the NBA, watching him and the Celtics’ Larry Bird do battle during  the 80's was so much fun!   MUST SEE TV!  Then, his heroic moment when he annouced to the world he had Aids, was another moment in time when you remembered where you were.  Then, Magic moved to the business world, and made such an amazing impact in the African American community that is unrivaled!

Now Magic is the President of Lakers. 

I love the fact that Magic has challanged himself at every chance he can! BUT....THIS IS NOT GOING WELL FOR MAGIC JOHNSON as President of the Los Angeles Lakers!  Look at the TOXIC enviroment the Lakers are in right now with letting Lebron James, who might be the worst teammate in NBA HISTORY, run this currrent Laker team into the toilet!  Can you imagine showing up to work every day as a coach like Luke Walton and every single player in the Laker locker room knowing you are not part of the future of the organization? 

There is no way Magic Johnson or LBJ will win an NBA title in Los Angeles!  You know why?  TRUST!  There can't be anyone in the NBA who might want to play with the Lakers that will ever trust that front office again!   They will do it once, then they will do it again! 

The Lakers are a walking joke because of Magic Johnson and Lebron James.  Both of these men now fall in my g.o.a.t. list of players & coaches who failed on building NBA teams.  Wes Unseld-Elgin Baylor-MJ-Phil Jackson and now LBJ and Magic Johnson.  Those are some of the greatest names in history.  Maybe they did need some help getting to the mountain top after all!  BIG SILZ

Dan Sileo
Miami Hurricane Alum "87"