Junior Seau

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Sileo Will Not Watch ESPN's 30-for-30 Seau. Here's Why.

Dan Sileo
September 21, 2018 - 3:31 pm

I have really debated if I was going to watch the new ESPN 30-4-30 "SEAU."

I have really struggled with the idea of watching a movie on what brought a friend to take his own life!

In no way was I a very close friend of Junior's, but I had a brief time with him when he lived in Miami in which we became friends.  He was very involved with the "Make-A-Wish" Foundation and I helped set up a few events for him with some of my friends with the Miami Dolphins, Heat and Hurricanes.

For a short period of time, he really did become one of south Florida's favorite athletes.  But that was the magic of Junior.

Now, on to CTE. (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy)  Funny, it's such an easy word for people in my business just to throw around on the air like its some sort of knee injury or a twisted ankle.  My friends, it is not!

I have had closer friends of mine - Mike Webster of the Steelers and the great Andre Waters of the Eagles, and an even closer friend, Steeler Terry Long who I used to do powerlifting contests with, all take their own lives.  Every one of these men I loved and watched just disintegrate in front of me because of the game we all love.

See folks, I compare playing football to a person's favorite food.  You eat it knowing full well you will become fat, but you just can't stop from doing it.  It's very hard, my friends, to stop doing something you love.

Leaving the game of football is the worst divorce a player goes through.  I tell everyone this!  I know many folks out there see players who have been divorced many times because most of us had to divorce our true love - FOOTBALL!!

This leads me back to Junior and CTE.  Why should I watch something about which every NFL player knows might be coming his way?  Is this something I need to see - how I may die?  WHY?

Forget it.  It's why most athletes are afraid of hospitals and doctors.  We already know what he's going to say.  Look, I get how important Junior is to San Diego and how great a person and man he was before this ugly thing called CTE killed him.

So to ESPN and the folks at 30-for-30 - I already know how the story ends!  Sileo Out!