Big Silz: Here Are My Favorite San Diego Night Spots

Great food, top-shelf drinks, awesome views!

Dan Sileo
August 27, 2018 - 4:00 am

OK Folks... San Diego has so many cool things to do!!  I mean, beaches and restaurants are just amazing!

I am going to give you some of "BIG SILZ" favorite NIGHT SPOTS here in "America's Finest City."

For the record, most of the places I am bringing up are downtown.  And here is an amazing item to know about San Diego's great NIGHT SPOTS -- some have basements -- NOT a common thing in California!


1. ONYX ROOM & THIN - Has to be one of the coolest places to go for couples and maybe clients you would like to impress.  It's 2 bars in one.  It has double levels, giving it a really cool look...just an awesome feel!  On the drink front, they will make you any drink you want!

2. POLITE PROVISIONS - PP is an awesome place.  I mean, I love this place.  I take many of my friends here.  Craft beers are amazing.  It's one of the must-go-to places in University Heights!

3. NOBLE EXPERIMENT - AMAZING place for drinks!!  Best bartenders in the city.  It has a door that's not on street level - reminds me of the old school clubs back in New York City, like the China Room.

4. FLUXX - A very special place downtown.  It's really a unique dance club.  They do something else thats cool.  Every time I have gone in, they have changed the design of the club.  It's always a new experience every time you go in.

5. THE TIPSY CROW - Another great Gas Lamp place.  Classy ... and I love the hardwood floors there.  You have to dress up, but its worth your feet hurting!

6. THE GRASS SKIRT - Brand new place here in San Diego.  Seems to be a great hit so far.  I love the tiki bar.  The cook always makes me something that's off the menu.  The Grass Skirt is open until 2am.

7. MOONSHINE FLATS - A country-lovers heaven.  Not my style of music, but it is a great place for having a great time.  By the way, this club is 10,000sq feet...plenty of room for fun!

8. BANG BANG - Another of those multi-type bars in one.  Has a "to die for" Asian Fusion restaurant!  And get this..they have a place to watch movies...totally DOPE!

9. ROOFTOP BY STK - Maybe the coolest place in all of san diego.  UNREAL VIEWS!  A poolside lounge that gives you a view of  San Diego's skyline like no other!  AWESOME DRINKS!!

10. DONOVANS - Hey, I know it's a place to have great food...BUT...that bar area is one of the coolest places in san diego.  Awesome for folks over 40 to have a great time after a meal.  And all the TV's they have in there!  It's the place for me!

Look, I get it!  San Diego is known for the great views and beaches, but it is very underrated as a great nightlife city. 

So their you have it.  The places that "BIG SILZ" hangs at!!