San Diego Italian - Big Silz Favorites!

Dan Sileo
August 13, 2018 - 12:46 pm

One of the coolest things I have found living here in San Diego is that there are amazing Italian restaurants!  I didn't realize that many of the Italian immigrants came here to San Diego following the 1906 San Francisco earthquake after their homes and business were destroyed by the quake.

Many of those Italians would settle in the "Little Italy" area of San Diego. 

Oh, by the way, I am considered one of the great San Diego Italians.  I'm in the great SD "Little Italy Banner Program."  OK, enough about me and on to my favorite San Diego Italian Restaurants!


1. CATANIA - I just found this place and boy do they have amazing angel hair pasta plates!  Could be the best in San Diego.  Also, something else that is very cool with this place - they serve Northern Italian and Sicilian food whic is rare in Italian restaurants.


2. ROVINO - If you like meats...this is your place!  Plus I love their wine selections and all fresh food and veggies.  I would add that the seafood is killer!!


3. CIVICO 1845 - The Calabrian brothers moved to San Diego in 2013 and worked with the great folks of Little Italy's own Flavio Priomallo to open the place - I believe it was in 2015.  Pastas, seafoods...there is not a dish in the place that doesn't make your mouth water!


4. BIGA - They believe in "farm to your plate."  Everything is fresh and they have these amazing ovens that heat the food to 900 degrees!  Amazing tasting food!


5. BENCOTTO - Might just be the pasta king of San Diego.  All types lof pasta and it is amazing!  As I said, I love thin pasta, but there are so many selections.  Their amazing dining area is also a standout!


6. MONELLO - It's a more casual place, but don't let that fool you.  Amazing seafood plates and they make some of the best homemade pizza on the planet!!


7. THE GODFATHER RESTAURANT - I won't lie, I like Anthony Balistreri a lot and its a very special place for me.  For the record...BEST....dirty martini's in San Diego!!  I'm in love with his calamari, salads and his soups.  Seafood is great.  It's really one of my favorite places to eat!


OK, so just writing this means I'm now officialy starving!


I hope you are as well.....UR BOY "BIG SILZ"