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Dan Sileo's Blog: The Firing of DJ Durkin

One time Terp's take on what is going on at Maryland

Dan Sileo
October 31, 2018 - 5:23 pm

I won't lie that I have been waiting since 1983 to write this blog about a college football program that has always been a thorn in my past.

See, back in 1983, I was on the '83 Maryland Terps ACC Championship Football team that would go down as one of Maryland's best football teams in school history.  I was a backup defensive tackle for the team and played in every single game that year and still have my ACC Title ring.  For the record, I did love playing for Bobby Ross and it broke my heart to leave the program! 

But I had a lot of issues with the defensive coaches, and by the end of the '84 spring, I was informed that they would not be giving me my varsity letter that I had earned as a player.  I would be also kicked off the team because of my confontations with the D-line coach.  I can't even say his name to this day!

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That is how I became a 'CANE and for whatever reason it would turn out to be greatest thing that ever happened to my college football career.

So as I tell you all this, I just wanted all of you to know the place where I was coming from, before I give you my take on the way the Maryland football program handled the DJ Durkin firing.

Anytime there is a death of a player at a football program, it's a moment that players and coaches and administratiors will struggle with not just this year, but for years to come.  When you are part of a football program like Maryland, you build relationships that will never leave you.  And for the record, I am close friends to this day with many of my Maryland teammates.

The way the school handled the investigation, reinstating and then firing of DJ Durkin was one of the most embarrasing moments in college football history!

How do you not have conviction in a case where a player dies and how can you have conviction in your own investigation? What message does that send?  I mean, is this a place you want to send a kid?  MY GOD.

Maryland was asked to do the right thing -- and they couldn't do it -- even when it was so clear that the right thing was to have the kid's best interest in mind -- not just Jordan McNair's.

What an ending to a story that never had the players' best interests in mind, but once again, the reputation of the school.

Thank GOD someone came to their senses and fired the coach who caused all these issues.  SHAME ON DJ DURKIN....BUT MORE SHAME ON THE UNVERSITY OF MARYLAND!

Dan Sileo 
Miami Hurricane Alum "87"