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Dan Sileo's Blog: The Art of "Trash Talking" Is Back!

Dan Sileo
November 07, 2018 - 4:34 pm

I love all these great teams that we see in today's sports world and I am so glad to see the art of "Trash Talking" is coming back to sports!  In honor of the GREAT ART of "Trash Talking," here are "BIG SILZ" GREATEST SPORTS "TRASH TALKERS"!


10.  Satchel Paige - Kansas City Monarchs:  One of the all-time greatest trash talkers in baseball history.  He would actually tell the hitters where he was throwing the next pitch!

9.   Larry Bird - Boston Celtics (pictured above):  Even Bird's teammates would say no one was safe around Bird when he was on a hot streak.  In PRACTICE, he even talked trash!

8.   Alex Cora - Boston Red Sox:  I know this is a strange one for many, but after what he said at the Red Sox World Series rally for the 2018 team -- TRUST ME, Google it.  CLASSIC!

7.   Draymond Green - GS Warriors:  Green is the heart and soul of that Warriors team, but I agree with Charles Barkley of TNT...dude makes me want to punch him in the face!

6.   Connor McGregor - UFC:  Man, is he one of the greatest fight promoters in combat sports history.  My 2nd favorite trash talker ever!

5.   Mike Tyson - Boxer:  "I want to eat your children."  Do I really need to say more?

4.   Kobe Bryant - LA Lakers:  Kobe just got in your face on everything and at anytime.  I hated him for the longest time.  Funny, I have more respect for him today than at anytime during his career!

3.   Michael Jordan - Chicago Bulls:  Man, do I love how MJ played and lived his life.  This dude refused to surrender.  I so love not only his drive to be great, but his will to be the best.  And Ohh, he let you know it!

2.   John McEnroe - Tennis:  I know.  "Tennis, BIG SILZ?"  I hear you, but you had to see Johnny Mac just destroy people in the umps chair and on the court.  You actually cringed.  I LOVE IT!!

1.   ALI - Boxing:  This is my sports idol.  Probably not a shocker, if you have ever met me or listened to my show.  Has there ever been an athlete that talked trash and actually over acheived?  Ali always delivered the goods.  It's a shame that the majority of Ali's post boxing career was spent in silence and the American sports fan forgot how dynamic he really was.  Just my favorite sports person ever!!


Dan Sileo
Miami Hurricane Alum "87"