San Diego Beaches: Big Silz Favorites!

Dan Sileo
August 15, 2018 - 3:50 pm

OK, so the weather has been hot here in San Diego all summer long, right?  I have been spending  a lot of time at the beach and I have actually been visiting as many beaches as I can.

See, if you come to San Diego or even if you live here, NOT going to the beach would be like going to New York City and NOT visiting Yankee Stadium!

Now, I love the Florida beaches but the beaches in San Diego are BY FAR the best beaches in the state of California. 


La Jolla Shores....This is a massive spot for the Sileo Family on's also a favorite for surfers and swimmers.  I love taking walks on that beach and working the tan...Sea Lions-Pelicans all types of ocean life to spot are there!

Pacific Beach....Go to Pacific Beach....AMAZING!!  I mean, the horizons and dusk are award winning!  Waves are for both surfers and swimmers....Ooh, don't forget the fish tacos!

Carlsbad Beach...Great place for couples to go after a great dinner.  Cliffs and views are stunning.  I mean, I love to visit this place to get the spirit and mind right!

Cornado Beach....Grub....Views....Shopping!  Everything one wants to spend the day at one of my favorite places in California.  Really reminds me alot of Cape Cod back east in the amount of beach front.  You have to visit!

Mission Beach....Another Sileo Family favorite.  We go there a has so much to offer in the great boardwalk and shops....even an amusement park is near....really one of the coolest places in San Diego

Cardiff-by-the-Sea...This is a surfer's heaven!!  The waves are amazing and stiff.....great for body surfers too....take it from "BIG SILZ" it's the best!  This beach has a great feel to me, a must!

Torrey Pines State Natural want views....all you can handle my beach friends.  This is an amazing place with those great hiking trails and beach is a must for you to go to the shore line and look back the cliffs!!....AMAZING!

Ocean Beach.....I think one of the most underrated beaches in san diego!  The sunrises and sunsets are spirtual at best!!  I just love to take my family here at night....the stars make you feel you are on a different planet!

Solana Beach.....This beach is really cool and it's like 3 different beaches in one.  It has the cliffs....views......another beach that is very beautiful at night!, with the weather here in San Diego being what it is -- this is why we pay a lot of taxes for us to have a great time at these beaches.  We pay to live in a beautiful place and once you make the "BIG SILZ" beach tour....You will see why we live here!!