Dan Sileo: I am BACK as a Baseball Fan

Dan Sileo
October 03, 2018 - 5:07 pm

My wife said something to me today, that I didnt realize.  "HEY, you are watching baseball again...since when?"

I hadn't realized that I wasn't watching a ton of baseball outside of our Padres. The Padres 2018 season was a tough watch at times and anytime you are trying to build a championship baseball team, it surely takes a lot of patience as a fan and also for someone who works in the media.

For the record I see great things ahead for our Padres in 2019!  So, this leads me to MLB's 2018 postseason; IT HAS BEEN AWESOME!!  From the 163rd game to the wildcard games, it has reminded me what made baseball America's pastime.

My wife also brought up the fact that baseball doesn't really have the off-the-field issues that the NFL has and it makes it easier for fans to get involved in MLB's postseason because its a cleaner sport, off the diamond. 

Now look...MLB has their issues as well off the field, but not the same drama that the NFL brings to our lives on a weekly basis.  Hey man, as a kid growing up back east, my fantasy was to wear #44 (Reggie Jackson) and play for the New York Yankees.  I thought that was the most exciting place in the world -- Yankee Stadium.  Everytime I went into that old building back in the 70's & 80's, it was like a magical place where all my heroes played and I dreamed of being a member of Monument Park in left center.  Heck, I have dirt from the old place and a plaque of the final game ever played at old Yankee Stadium, "THE HOUSE THAT RUTH BUILT."  I loved that place.

At Yankee Stadium back in the 70's and 80's I would get autographs from MLB greats like Brooks Robinson, Rod Carew and Thurman Munson.  These men were gods to me.  See, that's what baseball meant to me as a kid.

I guess when I became a professional athlete and worked in sports broadcasting I forgot why I loved sports.  It wasn't a passion for football, it was baseball, baseball and baseball!  With these playoffs now underway in 2018, I have that kid feeling again, when I would hand a pencil and piece of paper to Thurman Munson and ask him to sign it.  That was an amazing time and baseball is making me feel that way again!