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The Chargers Will Return to San Diego.....when?

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Dan Sileo
September 27, 2018 - 1:09 pm

What's crazy about this next "take" that I'm about to give to all San Diegans, is that I thought I would never say it...THE NFL WAS WRONG FOR MOVING THE CHARGERS OUT OF SAN DIEGO!


Let's go back 3 years ago, when I was the only guy on the air saying that there was no way on the planet the Chargers were going to stay in San Diego and not take the riches that the Los Angeles market could give the "FREDO" family.  You see, we have maybe one of the worst mayors in the history of the city of San Diego in Kevin Faulknor, and to assume he and his boys from "DOWNTOWN" would ever agree to give Dean "MODELL" Spanos his own kingdom here in San Diego would be a stretch to say the least.  Anytime "SHARKS"....excuse me, the NFL owners, battle any city about these stupid stadium projects, what do they do?  They threaten...talk trash on the city…and in the end, if you don't play ball with the mafia dons of the nfl, they rip your civic pride right from under the fans and then call it NFL buisiness.  There was no way the Chargers in my view were ever going to stay in the city of San Diego!


Now fast forward 3 years.  After watching the "FREDO FAMILY" limp around Carson, California the last two years and making the NFL actually look stupid in having moved the Chargers out of SD, I have to believe the NFL will rethink its position on having two teams in Los Angeles. Let’s just use the eyeball test on how it has gone for the Chargers so far.  The Chargers are basicially playing in Newark, New Jersey to me compared to where the Rams are in the heart of Los Angeles and in the LA Coliseum.  I mean, did the Spanos family really think the NFL wanted to have the team leave San Diego and compete with the Rams, who already had an advantage of just being the Rams in LA, and that the Chargers would still make it?  With the head start the Rams got on the Chargers...NO WAY!  Look at the idiotic stadium they play in (a soccer stadium).  They lack TV ratings in LA and it’s a joke!  Here's another question: does anybody actually know the Chargers have moved to Los Angeles that live in LA?  Every time I turn the tube on and watch the Chargers, some broadcaster hacks up the name San Diego Chargers instead of the Los Angeles Chargers at least three times a game.  It’s so funny and yet so awesome!  So in the end, after the five years are up on when DENO can sell the team, I’m saying he sells it and the new owner with the NFL's blessing moves the team back, proving that not only did we survive a miserable mayor in Kevin Faulknor, but also one of the worst owners in NFL history in DEAN SPANOS....SILEO OUT!