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Bud Black Reveals Rockies Arenado Plans

He Joined The Dan Sileo Show to talk about the upcoming season.

Dan Sileo
February 05, 2019 - 1:29 pm

Colorado Rockies Bud Black joined The Dan Sileo Show to talk about the upcoming season, and the impending free agency of star third basemen Nolan Arenado.  During the interview, Black dropped some news about the team's interest in signing Arenado to a contract extension prior to him becoming a free agent and commanding a gigantic contract like Bryce Harper and Manny Machado are seeking.  Black said, "the Rockies you know, love Nolan and Nolan loves what's happened from the time he was drafted to where he is now with the Rockies and hopefully where we're headed.  I think we're all optimistic that something can get worked out. You know, I don't know whether it's next week, next month, or during the season, but I'm thinking very optimistically on this one."​​

Being able to keep Arenado off the open market would be a coup for a relatively small market team like the Colorado Rockies.  Smaller markets being able to keep their star players has been an issue not just in baseball with the likes of Manny Machado, but also in the NBA with players like Anthony Davis, Kawhi Leonard and Paul George.  A player of Arenado's stature agreeing to a contract extension prior to free agency would be somewhat unprecedented.

Bud Black also compared Arenado to two Hall of Fame third basemen: George Brett and Mike Schmidt.  Black said, "I saw George up close and personal for 8 seasons, and he's a dear friend.  I saw Schmidt from back before interleague play, so I had to watch him through the lens of spring training and television, but those two fellas in the '70s and '80s were great third basemen, to your point.  Nolan is headed that way, he can do it all.  He's probably better than those two defensively.  Offensively, he's got some years ahead of him to do what they've done.  But like Mike and George, he's got a passion to play, a passion to work, a love of the game, they're baseball rats.  They love being at the ball park."

Coming off a season in which his team reached the playoffs, Black expressed his excitement to see some of the organization's young talent show what they can do during spring training, "I think that's the case with a lot of clubs.  You've got to infuse new blood and give those guys opportunities.  We're going to do that with a few guys for sure."