Chris Ello
August 10, 2018 - 9:06 am

Call it what you will. But with Wil, it's just not going to work. Not his fault, but he's in the way.

In Milwaukee, before the Padres' stirring come-from-behind 8-4 win over the Brewers on Thursday, outfielder Wil Myers was taking ground balls at third base. Why? Because, clearly, the Padres are trying to find a spot for him. I've got the perfect location: on some other team's roster.

Addition by subtraction. I just don't see how the Padres can move forward with this bright future of theirs without moving Myers. Once unthinkable, now it's the only way you can think.

A quick statistic here: with Wil Myers in their lineup, the Padres are 12-31 this season. Not all his fault. Perhaps, even, none of his fault. Myers has put up decent numbers when he has played. But the team just hasn't won. While it's true that the Friars haven't done a whole lot better without him (34-40), the point is that club can get along fine if he's not here.

They just can't get along fine if he is. Here's why:

Myers' presence keeps either Hunter Renfroe or Franmil Reyes nailed to the bench -- or at the very least, in the lineup but looking over their shoulders. Renfroe, proving it this week, is the future of the Padres outfield. Reyes, who hits a ball as far as anyone in a Padre uniform ever has, is also part of the future. That means they have to play.

The five outfielders the Padres should have when the 2019 team leaves spring training are Renfroe, Reyes, Manuel Margot, Franchy Cordero (impressive while he was healthy) and Travis Jankowski (invaluable speed and defense). If Myers isn't moved, one of those five won't make it -- and the others will have their playing time cut.

That's not best for the Padres. 

The other reason to move Myers is, that if you're willing to pay some of his outrageous salary, you should be able to find a trade partner, who might be able to give you back a quality starting pitcher, which is where the Friars are lacking the most. A solid veteran would fit in nicely with Joey Lucchesi, Eric Lauer, Walker Locket, Brett Kennedy, Jacob Nix or whoever else is going to be ready to step up next season. Remember, also, that bright light Dinelson Lamet should be back from injury. A veteran presence will be needed (and we're not talking about the sub-.500 pitching of Clayton Richard).

The Padres' future is starting to take shape. And I want it clear here that I'm a fan of Wil Myers. He's going to help another ballclub.

But, unfortunately, by staying in a Padres' uniform, he's going to hurt this one.