Chris Ello
July 14, 2018 - 3:57 pm

I would like to open my Cooperstown remarks by thanking the following people....wait, hold on a second.

First I need to clear something up. Yes, I am indeed going to Cooperstown. But no, of course, I am not anywhere near (nor was there anything remotely close to any discussion about it) being inducted. Still there are those who I have to thank. And I will get to them in a bit.

But honestly, I wouldn't be going to Cooperstown if it weren't for the guy that's really going to Cooperstown. The Padres' legend Trevor Hoffman will be inducted into baseball's Hall of Fame -- most deservedly so -- on this just-around-the-corner Sunday, July 29. I'm going because he is going.

So, before amything else, thank you Trevor Hoffman!

What's funny is that if I ever had more than a few moments to sit down with the National League's greatest closer ever, I would probably thank him anyway. For the games. For the moments. For the class. For the song (duh!). And for all those saves.

But in this case, it's a bit of a selfish bucket-list item that I needed to cross off my list that, thanks to Trevor, I will be able to cross off. Being a southern Californian my whole life, I've never had a chance to go to upstate New York. (And frankly, not many people do go there -- where baseball's Hall of Fame is located -- unless that's the destination they have in mind). I travel a lot in my job already, so four-and-a-half hour side trips are not normally part of my regular schedule.

New York, I've been to (even West Point, whre the U.S. Army campus is located). But I've never had the occasion to be anywhere near Cooperstown. Once I was broadcasting a couple of hockey games in Toledo, Ohio, which as it turned out was close enough to rent a car a drive an hour or so into Canton so I could visit the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Very cool.

The baseball version I had pretty-much given up on. Until Trevor came along. Thanks to his being elected, our great, new sports radio station 97.3 FM The Fan and the folks who run it, decided it would be best for Tony Gwynn, Jr. and me to be there with our afternoon show, Gwynn & Chris, broadcasting our show live on the Thursday and Friday (3-7 p.m. Pacific Time so you can tune in) prior to the big ceremony. So thanks to Bob Bolinger, Kevin Callahan, Adam Klug, Rich Herrera, Peter Schwartz and anybody else in Entercom management who was in this decision.

But even they know, there'd be no decision to make if weren't for Trevor. So that's really who most of this thanks is for.

And think about it: if it weren't for Trevor, when would it be that another opportunity to accompany a Padre to Cooperstown would come along? If a brand new Hall of Fame-caliber Padres player began his career today, he'd have to play 10 amazing seasons (at least) just to be considered. Then he'd need to be retired for five years after that to be eligible for a vote. And then, of course, he'd have to be voted in.

Put it all together and the earliest any other Padre will go into the Hall is 2034. And that's only if somebody starts a Hall of Fame career right now.

So we all have to enjoy this moment, and along with Trevor, I'm sure we will. I'm a little luckier than most because I'm going to get to be there. 

It's what I would call a "Hall of a Deal" for an old, longtime radio talk show host here in America's Finest City.

Thanks, Trevor.