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June 11, 2018 - 3:51 pm

By Bo Templin


(SAN DIEGO) - The NFL season doesn’t start for quite some time. During this offseason, a lot of attention has been given to two other professional football leagues in the developmental stages. 


Last week, the Alliance of American Football made headlines when it was announced that the league would be bringing a team to San Diego. The following day, Mike Martz was introduced as head coach. 


As well, the XFL announced last week that Oliver Luck would be the commissioner and CEO. Many football analysts are complimenting Vince McMahon for this hiring. 


Many fans are aware of the two leagues, but aren’t sure of the differences between the two. 


To begin with, the XFL still has a lot of planning to do. The league is still two years away from launch, whereas the AAF is beginning in early 2019. The AAF has determined the cities that will host teams (San Diego, Salt Lake, Phoenix, Orlando, Memphis, Birmingham, and Atlanta) -- something the XFL hasn’t touched yet. Both the leagues intend on featuring eight teams. 


The AAF will be played from February to April of 2019. This way they are not directly competing with the NFL. Although the XFL has not announced what time of year they will be playing in, they have voiced their interest of playing on Sundays. 


In all, the XFL has quite a ways before it can be determined what the league will look like. The original attempt of this startup league was criticized for being incredibly tacky. The hiring of Luck certainly takes the league in the right direction.