Orlando Ramirez

Andy Green Addresses Ian Kinsler's Outburst

May 17, 2019 - 9:14 am

San Diego Padres manager Andy Green joined Coach Kentera this morning to talk about Ian Kinsler's outburst to Padres fans after hitting his game-changing 3-run homer to give the Padres the lead.

He breaks down why Kinsler should have gone about it in a different way and what the next steps may be in regards to disciplining him. 

Despite mounting a come from behind win on the heels of Kinsler's 3 run homer, the outcome of the game was not the story of the game.  Kinsler's outburst towards the fans is what gained traction, and Green admitted that's not the message the organization wants to send. 

Green said he has spoken to Kinsler, and the team will continue to discuss internally how to handle potential discipline for their starting second basemen.  

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