"Big Silz" Top 10 San Diego Pizza Shops

The slices you can find in San Diego

Dan Sileo
September 13, 2018 - 1:14 pm

© Yuliia Chyzhevska | Dreamstime.com

I have been asked to give a "BIG SILZ" San Diego Pizza shop TOP 10 list.....At first, I was like you know what I have never really seen better pizza places than the ones I grew up with back in the northeast but as I have lived here now in San Diego for the past 6 years...I really have come to the conclusion that San Diego is a very underrated place when it comes to great pizzerias...So here is "BIG SILZ TOP 10 PIZZA JOINTS" here in San Diego.


1. BRONX PIZZA....#1 New York Style pizza in San Diego!... The Cheese pie is to die for and they also have this white stone pie that's just killer.


2. BLUE RIBBON ARTISAN PIZZA...The North Park Pizza icon is a classic California style pie...It also has a fine dining quality to the place...Very cool place.


3. AMBROGIO15...PB's top pizza joint....the Milan pizza is awesome...I so love thin crust pizza and if you do, this is your place....by the way..awesome wine selection!


4. BLIND LADY ALE HOUSE...One of SoCals Originals when it comes to pizza... it's in Normal Heights and I just love this place...really reminds me of the old school pizza shops I used to go to when I was a kid...also a great menu other than pizza.


5. THE FRIENDLY....This place is so cool...It serves you slice by slice...GOD, I MISS THAT!!...trust me!!


6. PIZZERIA BRUNO NAPOLETANO.....This place is a must in San Diego and It's actually the first pizza place I tried when I moved here to San Diego...They have two places one in North Park and Hillcrest....trust me on this one folk!!


7. LEFTY'S CHICAGO STYLE PIZZERIA...This place really caters to a lot of the folks that have moved here to San Diego from the Midwest...a lot for folks with Chicago ties...If you like the thick crust pies. This baby is your place!


8. TRIBUTE PIZZA.....Another North Park legend!!.... They have this wood-fired oven and it makes some of the best pies in San Diego.


9. BUONA FORCHETTA...One of the most underrated pizza places I have ever stopped at...LOVED IT!!... Their Cheese Neapolitan Style pie is to kill for.


10. ISOLA PIZZA BAR...My guys in "LITTLE ITALY" would kill me if I didn't have a place from that location....great wine list and the food is amazing...One of my favorite places in San Diego.


OK.....So I may have insulted some fine San Diego pizza spots....there really are so many to choose from....so there's the list of "BIG SILZ TOP 10 SAN DIEGO PIZZA SHOPS"...OUT!